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Dota 2 Purge plays Spiritbreaker - stream

2017-03-29 05:14:05
I played Spiritbreaker offlane this game. Spiritbreaker is played almost entirely as a support in the pro scene, but he's only picked by a select few teams. This game I aimed for a fairly safe early build by going for treads+regen+blademail.

I got the blademail this game because of all their heroes really. They are all pretty high damage so it's difficult to simply survive through their safe burst. At the least I could take them down with me or do some damage in return. With that said I'm pretty awful at using blademail well so I don't think the purchase was very valuable. I could have gotten something like a medallion instead for more value.

Shadowblad is great though! You can do invis charges to aoe bash, to look for targets to chain stun.

But past items the most important thing you can do with SB is gank with allies once you hit 6. By himself, SB's solo kill potential isn't very high, surprisingly. With any other hero, especially a hero with damage, everything changes because you can guarantee close to 4 seconds of disable while doing damage. ORGANIZE GANKS WITH ALLIES!

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